Why we are not writing Ramazan stead Ramadan?

Why we are not writing Ramazan stead Ramadan?


Since Arabs Captured Spanish, Arabic Language and customary mixed with them. Then Quran (Koran) goes to their language and their script.


In addition, because when one word from other language, goes to one of the language write with Latin alphabet, other Latin language also use them. (Of course they use that word in primal shape, and they don’t think this script in the prime language, is different with them)!!!!

Then most of Arabic phrases write and read with Spanish dialect; furthermore, in this language script “d” has pronounced “z” and “d” (in English accent)

Then, may be it is cause of writing Ramadan stead Ramadan.

Of course, this is my opinion

Are agree with me?

We can find another word in English comes from other language, but do not change with their writing’s law.

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